enhanced testing
⚡ Langtail's Testing Table Component Upgrade ⚡
We're excited to announce significant updates to Langtail's table component aimed at improving your test-writing experience:
  • 🚀 Lightning-fast row addition and cell content deletion for efficient test setup
  • ➡️ Tab navigation between cells for seamless navigation
  • 🗑️ Bulk row deletion for quick test cleanup
  • 🎯 Selective test case execution for focused testing
  • 🎁 Test result display with LLM and assertion outcomes for comprehensive insights
🔜 Upcoming Feature: LLM as a Judge Assertion 🔜
Stay tuned! We're in the process of developing an "LLM as a judge assertion" feature, set to take our testing capabilities to the next level. More updates coming your way soon!