⌨️ Keyboard-Friendly Testing Table ⌨️
We've made our testing table more keyboard-friendly, allowing you to bulk delete rows and copy multiple values at once.
🧮 Helper Variables for Assertions 🧮
You can now add additional columns that act as helper variables for assertions (JavaScript, LLM assertions). Place the correct answer in these helper variables and use them in assertions for more efficient and accurate testing.
📚 Improved LLM Assertions 📚
Based on user feedback, we've improved LLM assertions. Now, the entire conversation history is included in the context, providing a more comprehensive view for better testing.
📨 Multiple Messages in the “Messages” Column 📨
You can now use multiple messages in the “messages” column. Currently, it's possible to simulate user and assistant messages. We're working on the ability to mock Tools and upload images for Vision testing.
Tests are a big focus for us, and we're committed to continuously improving them.
Stay tuned for more updates!